K-Vest Instruction

In all my years around the game of golf, the K-Vest is by far the single greatest teaching tool I’ve come across! It is just as effective for the beginning golfer as it is for the single digit/scratch golfer looking to just get sharp for the big tournament or get over the hump that is holding them back form being the golfer they want to be.

Why is it so effective? The key is how well it bridges the gap of communication from the instructor to the student. It also provides the instructor an amazing tool in discovering what is possible from his student physically and where there may be some limitations. Add this tool with an extensive knowledge of the principles of biomechanics in the TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) and you have the total package for realistically setting & reaching your goals.

Too often an instructor will be attempting to show a student a new motion that feels very foreign and from the instructor’s point of view, is it the student isn’t able to get into the position consistently due to a lack of flexibility or is it that the motion is so unlike what they currently do when swinging the club, that it blows the mind?

Well, blowing the mind is just what the K-Vest does!

Feel what it’s like to swing like the pros!