Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to have met many great players and great instructors. Whether it was playing side by side in a tournament, telling tall tales at a cocktail party or working together in the trenches at a golf course, I’ve always listened first and in the process, I’ve been very fortunate to have gleaned some exceptionally useful knowledge from these encounters.

As an instructor, I enjoy sharing these nuggets of truth with my students and positively reinforcing them with various mediums of communication. Whether it’s verbal, visual or physical cues that you best pick up on, leave that to me to figure out and I guarantee you will feel improvement immediately! Not only will you feel the difference, but you’ll also realize the course of action needed to continue the ongoing evolution of improving your swing!

So what and where is Forevre Golf?

When I left my last job as a General Manager/Head Professional and moved to Northern Virginia to be with my wonderful significant other – Lisa, I mentioned to her that although I had worked, travelled and made friends all over this country, I virtually knew no one in the DC area in the golf business. As is the case with most industries, a lot of it is dependent on who you know and we knew that it may take some time to get established in the area as a Pro. In the meantime, with her unconditional support, we built an amazingly state of the art golf studio in the lower section of our home where I could work on my own game and teach lessons. Needless to say, it exceeded my initial expectations! Let’s fast-forward 5 years to the present, now having shared my knowledge with many students in the Northern Virginia area, I’ve been fortunate enough to expand my availability to 3 different locations – The Home Studio, Old Hickory Golf Club & my new location in Manassas Park!

Interested in taking the plunge to becoming a better golfer? You can contact me via the Contact Form on this website or call Old Hickory to set up your appointment today!

Programs & Rates

In this day and age of flexibility and convenience I am here to adapt to your needs and budget. Here’s a list of my Current Rates and Programs. Improvement is directly related to your investment in time and energy!

Junior Golf

Spring After School Junior Golf 2023

Summer Junior Golf 2023

Autumn After School Program 2023

Private Lessons

  • One Hour Lesson – $95 ($20 discount for Juniors)
  • K-Vest & TPI Evaluation (2 hours) – $175
  • 9-hole Playing Lesson – $175
  • 4 Lesson Introduction to Golf Package (One Hour Lessons) – $300
  • 6 Lesson Series (5 One Hour Lessons includes K-Vest, TPI & 9-hole playing lesson) – $475

The Monthly Maintenance Annual Package

  • One Lesson each month
  • OnForm Unlimited Feedback
  • Indoor Studio Access

$1000 Annual Payment or $300/Quarter

*Must be referred or a current client

Fast Track to Better Golf 12-Month Coaching Program

  • One Hour lesson each week
  • K-Vest Swing Analysis & Training
  • TPI Evaluation
  • Unlimited OnForm App Electronic Follow Up & Feedback
  • Indoor Golf Studio Access
  • $2500 Annual Payment, $750/Quarter
  • 1 week of Personal Time is built into each quarter for a total of 48 Lessons/Year

Virtual Golf Coach Program

  • One In Person Lesson per Year
  • Weekly On Form analysis
  • Monthly 30-Minute FaceTime Consultation
  • 25% discounts on In-Person Lessons & Indoor Studio Access
  • $95 initiation fee & then $49.95/Month or one time payment of $600/Year

The Hit the Ground Running - Winter Package

  • November 1st, 2021 to April 30th, 2022
  • 4 Indoor Lessons - 1 Hour each
  • OnForm Unlimited feedback
  • Indoor Studio Access


*Must be referred or a current client

I look forward to helping you with your game in the near future!