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It all started about thirty years ago when my father told me that I wasn’t going to be wasting the summer riding dirt bikes and getting into mischief. I needed to learn a sport… Tennis, golf, swimming, you decide… Well, as fate would have it, shortly thereafter, I was watching TV and we happened upon the swashbuckling Spaniard – Seve Ballesteros dashing his way around some windswept landscape marveling the crowds with his magical creativity and deft touch! Quite literally, the ball was in motion… Soon after came my first golf lesson from a PGA Professional and after a whole bunch of worm burners, toe balls, hooks, slices, you name it, the pro looks at his watch and says, “Alright, last shot, make it a good one.” Once again, fate would intervene and I happened to hit my best shot of the whole session, way up in the air, right at the pin! That was it, I was hooked!

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Maybe you too have already had your A-ha moment with this incredible game and have been forever bitten by the golf bug? Chances are if you’re reading this you probably have! The great thing about this game is that no one has ever completely mastered it and if they’ve come close, they no doubt were humbled by it at some point during the journey…

I’ve spent the last 20 years as a pro chasing the dream of playing golf for a living and although for a variety of reasons I may not have attained that ultimate goal of winning on the PGA Tour, I have lived life to it’s fullest and I’ve gained a plethora of knowledge about golf and life in the process.

In the golf business as a PGA Member for the last 18 years, I’ve been a cart kid, an assistant pro, a teaching pro, a Head Pro and a General Manager all over this great country! At times when I was trying to play for a living I’ve moonlighted as a busboy, a fine-dining server, a bartender, a shuttle bus operator, a pool boy, a home renovator, a bum check collections agent, you name it!

But the one thing that all of these activities always centered around was that obsession with golf. I worked all of these jobs, just so I could constantly be around the game I loved so much. Golf is my passion and I’d love to share that passion with you!


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Private Lessons

  • One Hour Lesson – $95 ($20 discount for Juniors)
  • K-Vest & TPI Evaluation (2 hours) – $175
  • 9-hole Playing Lesson – $175
  • 4 Lesson Introduction to Golf Package (One Hour Lessons) – $300
  • 6 Lesson Series (5 One Hour Lessons includes K-Vest, TPI & 9-hole playing lesson) – $475

The Monthly Maintenance Annual Package

  • One Lesson each month
  • OnForm Unlimited Feedback
  • Indoor Studio Access

$1000 Annual Payment or $300/Quarter

*Must be referred or a current client

Fast Track to Better Golf 12-Month Coaching Program

  • One Hour lesson each week
  • K-Vest Swing Analysis & Training
  • TPI Evaluation
  • Unlimited OnForm App Electronic Follow Up & Feedback
  • Indoor Golf Studio Access
  • $2500 Annual Payment, $750/Quarter
  • 1 week of Personal Time is built into each quarter for a total of 48 Lessons/Year

Virtual Golf Coach Program

  • One In Person Lesson per Year
  • Weekly On Form analysis
  • Monthly 30-Minute FaceTime Consultation
  • 25% discounts on In-Person Lessons & Indoor Studio Access
  • $95 initiation fee & then $49.95/Month or one time payment of $600/Year

The Hit the Ground Running - Winter Package

  • November 1st, 2021 to April 30th, 2022
  • 4 Indoor Lessons - 1 Hour each
  • OnForm Unlimited feedback
  • Indoor Studio Access


*Must be referred or a current client


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