Forevre Golf is a licensed vendor of SkyTrak!

We all know it isn’t easy deciding which golf simulator to choose, but when contemplating what was the right fit for Forevre Golf, several important factors came to mind while weighing the pros & cons:

  1. Accuracy & Reliability of shot simulations
  2. Swing data
  3. Space needed to produce accurate readings
  4. Portability & user-friendly interface
  5. And of course – Cost!

Since I’ve done the research already, let me give you a brief rundown of what I’ve discovered.

What I’ve Discovered

First and foremost, before making a decision I hit balls at a fellow golf pro’s driving range with a SkyTrak alongside and saw for myself that it is nearly dead on all the time. He had just sold his pricy system and was thrilled that the SkyTrak was so accurate and for a quarter of the price. It was late winter and I saw every stiff swing’s result in all it’s glory. There was definitely no candy coating, the SkyTrak for better or worse had seen the result of my action. As for swing data, the SkyTrak picks up swing and ball speed, back & side spin ratio, launch angle & how many degrees from the centerline it starts. For a golf professional, this tells you everything you need to know to help your students and to fit clubs. Other systems will definitely go into detail that would make your high school physics professor shake his head, but in my personal opinion, while some of that info may be interesting, most of the time it is not going to help bridge the knowledge gap that you or a student may be missing and in some cases, it may utterly obsess and confuse some folks!

As for some of the other factors, I was considering one other system that gave more data and had good reviews, but came to find out that Doppler-based systems need to see the ball fly upwards of 20 feet! If you’re considering putting this in your basement, that’s a lot of feet for something to go wrong! SkyTrak works on high speed cameras and you literally only need the room to swing the club to get accurate results!

It’s a compact device that can be easily moved to accommodate you on a driving range if you’re looking to track a practice session or if you’ll be using it primarily indoors, it can sit safely on your desk when not in use. As for interacting with the software, it couldn’t get any easier! You literally turn it on and a red laser dot tells you where to place the ball! The SkyTrak software is super easy to use and I have to say that their support center has always rescued me!

Now the one biggest factor with the software is that it only runs on the newer version iPads. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to pony up for that. The one great thing about using the iPad is that you can purchase an AppleTV and project the image onto any TV!

SkyTrak will also hit you up for an annual fee to use its software, there’s different levels, but I’d advise just getting the most expensive package that allows you to use the WGT app. If you’re not familiar with WGT, it started off as a video game where you can compete on all these world famous golf courses, with actual imagery of the courses themselves – Pebble, Bandon Dunes, St. Andrews and many more gems, but now you can actually use your SkyTrak to simulate your actual strike of the ball and have it bound down the fairway of some of these amazing courses! You can play online tournaments, join a club or play against the rest of the world with their ranked challenges! SkyTrak is always looking forward with regards to integrating their system with other golf software platforms and just in the last couple of months they’ve added a partnership with The Golf Club and Nicklaus Golf!

So when I took all these factors into consideration and saw that the price of the SkyTrak was a fraction of what its biggest competitors were…

I was sold!